Did You Know? – Equipment

Hydro-Terra Group maintains an array of specialized “in-house” equipment, tools, and fleet vehicles for our staff to support customers’ projects. This gives us the ability to mobilize quickly to meet our customer schedules while also maintaining the quality and functionality of the equipment to help minimize repairs and “down time”. Our equipment has been acquired over time as needs arise and is critical for the successful completion of our work, including:

  • Routine sampling of groundwater monitoring wells
  • Installation of test pumps for the completion of aquifer tests
  • Water level monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Operations and maintenance of water and wastewater systems
  • Confined space entry and air monitoring/ventilation
  • Construction of water and wastewater systems

Some of the HTG-owned equipment includes a wide range of test pumps with flows up to 400 gallons per minute for pumping tests, automatic data loggers for water level monitoring, water quality meters and test kits to record various water quality parameters, a trailer-mounted 10k diesel-powered generator, flow monitoring equipment, various sizes of flexible discharge line, safety equipment including a confined space tripod and winch retrieval system, air quality monitoring equipment, line camera and locator, well and borehole camera, EZ Pull hydraulic pump puller. The attached links provide a summary of our available test pumps and rental equipment. Coming soon, HTG will be offering thermal imaging and photogrammetric drone capabilities!

Please contact us so we can mobilize to your site and do what we do best…respond to our customers needs!