Want to Help the Environment? Consider Wastewater Treatment

Businesses and private citizens alike are looking into how to lessen their impact on the planet. Greening your home and business can be more than just a charitable act, though; in the long term, it can save you money, reduce your dependence on outside utilities and resources, and even ensure a healthier, happier life. But how does wastewater treatment fit into that plan?

First, you need to define “wastewater.” Sometimes referred to as sewage, wastewater is actually water that has somehow been lowered in quality due to human behavior. Examples of wastewater you’ll find in any home include water left to soak pots, water draining out of your washing machine, water that goes down the drain during a shower or bath, and, of course, the traditional meaning one thinks of with “sewage.” And all of this water can, and should, be treated.

What Can You Do With Wastewater?

water treatment

Get more control of your water with wastewater treatment.

It’s important to note that water doesn’t have to be restored to drinking water standards to be reused; for example, there’s no reason the water drained from your washing machine can’t be used to wash your car, provided you install the right wastewater treatment system.

The main problem is that there can be all sorts of contaminants — ranging from leftover soap to heavy metals and oils — suspended in the water, making it unfit for human consumption. So, you need to construct your wastewater system to remove contaminants while being biologically friendly.

How Can Wastewater Treatment Help?

A good example of this is de-nitrification. Nitrogen is a naturally-occuring result of various human processes, and in gaseous form, it’s not bad. In fact, many organic fertilizers are rich in specific nitrogen compounds that essentially serve as plant foods. But there’s such a thing as too much of anything, and nitrogen is no exception.

wastewater | recycle waterNitrogen in the water supply is a serious environmental concern; as more nitrogen filters into the water supply, it forces out the oxygen, literally asphyxiating aquatic life.

The good news, though, is that you can construct a wastewater treatment using naturally-occurring bacteria that pulls the nitrogen out and puts it to better use growing plants. And new and more innovative solutions are being engineered every day to restore water to a cleaner, purer state.

Recycling Through Water Treatment

Properly built, a wastewater treatment system reduces the environmental impact of everyday living. Just as importantly, though, it allows you to reduce your water consumption and pulls contaminants out of your water supply. Wastewater treatment allows you to “recycle” water; instead of letting it just go down the drain, and possibly into your water table, you can use the same water again and again for different purposes. The treatment system means it’s perfectly safe, and even better, it means there’s less impact on your wallet.

If you think a wastewater treatment system is right for you, click here to contact us. For more than 20 years, Hydro-Terra’s team of geologists, engineers, and designers have been working to develop wastewater treatment systems that protect the environment while giving you more control over your water supply. If you want to reduce your footprint, and limit your water use, use a wastewater treatment system from Hydro-Terra.